Monday, April 24, 6-7:30 pm Athena House, Carmel
Space is limited. Free presentation.
Reservation required. You’ll get the address upon confirmation.
Email Tina with name, phone number, and # attending.

Navigating everyday life has changed dramatically and requires more awareness,
daily skills, practical knowledge, and a bit of creativity. Join us for an eye-opening,
introduction to upcoming workshops on situational and online safety, positive
parenting, maintaining integrity in relationships, etiquette, communication, and social
media safety and sanity. Upcoming seminars will examine topics of interest, in more
detail, and allow for break-out sessions and interaction. Share your concerns.

Your presenters, Jonathan and Natalia Wallace: Parents of four, who met while
working in South Africa and have lived in several countries. They bring a wealth of
Natalia–Business owner, teacher, world traveler, and homeschool mom. Natalia’s
focus is to equip parents and children to take their personal safety seriously and live
their lives with logic, confidence, and effective interpersonal skills. Natalia will
conduct the introductory workshop.
Jonathan–Certified protection specialist, working worldwide in executive and
diplomat protection. He has developed firearms training programs for families and
security professionals. He has been featured on FOX and other news outlets.
Jonathan’s passion is to help people face today’s challenges with clarity, calmness,
and common-sense skills. His abilities to assess and respond have led to successful
engagements—whether leading an African hunting expedition or directing security
for a head of state.