Salsa Freestyle: One-night workshop

Salsa Freestyle

One-night workshop:  Wed, June 26 7-8:30 Fee:  $20   Registration deadline June 24  (space is limited). At the end of the session, you’ll have a whole choreographed routine!!

Wed, June 26 7-8:30
Location: Athena House

Stretch & Strengthen Baby Boomer Fitness

Cat Stretch

Both on the floor and standing, movements to strengthen your core and improve flexibility and balance for functional fitness.  When on the floor, you’ll get a pillow (with clean pillowcase) for your head.   Bring hand-weights or use ours.  Build a strong and pliable body in a relaxed atmosphere with controlled movements from head to toes.  For all skill levels.   No jumping or squatting.  No shoes, but wear socks.

Location: Athena House
Ongoing  Monday, 5:30


Pay as you come.  $10.   New students:  Please contact Tina to confirm attendance 1 day prior. 

Salsa Freestyle

Salsa Freestyle

Dance solo and learn Salsa/Latin patterns, techniques and turns that apply to partner dancing–for both men and women.  Creative combinations.  Small group.  Leave your ego at the door and have fun. Bring a clean pair of shoes.

Location: Athena House

Contact Tina to offer this class for your group.

Social Dance: 1 or 2 Couples


Foxtrot, Slow-Dance, Swing, Latin dance

Book a creative session as a “date night” or ongoing training for your brain and dance skills.  Even if you don’t go to a dance, it’s good mental and physical exercise.  You’ll learn practical social dances so you look natural on the floor.  Weekend slots available. Make it a date night; dance, then dine locally. 

Location: Athena House

Contact Tina for appointment

$65/50-min session
$100 for 2 couples

Social Dance: Group Class


Don’t just sway back and forth on the dance floor.  Learn the most practical dances for social events and summer fun.  Slow dance, Latin, Big Band, Disco. Tina’s method will give you basic moves so you look natural.  Please bring a partner.  Contact me if you don’t have one so I can coordinate, and hold off on registering.    

Location: WWT new building in Westfield
Monday, June 10-24
7-8 pm

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