Cross-train Your Brain

Tina has 40 years’ experience with a wide variety of educational settings–from youth to college age to seniors. She has two master’s degrees and an Indiana teaching license. Tina has designed curricula and trained teachers in various areas of the arts.   

Tina’s method of “cross-training the brain” helps students develop both analytical and creative thinking through a logical yet fun process. Art is like “weight training for your brain.”  It strengthens the ability to perform in daily situations and in other academic areas. In life, you have to be inventive because not everything comes with a manual. 

Dancing Brain

*  Left brain/technical art skills:  Learn technical skills and use of materials, such as graphite, paint, oil pastels, etc.  Learn to draw landscapes, figures, perspective, and still life.  Do exercises in color theory.  Use a ruler to mathematically lay out a design.  Learn to sew.

* Right brain/conceptual thinking:  Create a composition, making decisions about where to place the elements.  Combine the learned technical skills with problem solving and creativity in the construction.  Use various materials and mixed media. 

All of this is done in a logical, step-by-step, scaffolding process

Examples: Preliminary exercises for final project