Dance Beat

The Art Of Dance: for Youth and Adults

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  • Group and private lessons in popular Ballroom/Latin dance
  • Dance-based fitness:  “Stretch & Strengthen” | Ballroom Freestyle
  • World of Food: Smart and easy way to cook and shop

Take your brain on a dance through life; build a better brain through dance.

Tina has taught thousands of happy dancers in the art of social dance—from youth to seniors .    


Tina’s instruction focuses on making you look natural–not like you’re memorizing a routine.   Men learn practical information on leading and navigating. Tina’s organized instruction takes you through a logical progression in a fun experience.   

You may book just a few lessons or a longer program, based on your needs. You are not obligated to a “packaged contract” but can plan your lessons as needed. 

  • wedding dance
  • father and daughter dance; mother and son dance
  • social events
  • or simply to exercise you brain and body

Joy of Dancing

The Joy of Dancing; The Benefit for your Brain and Spirit

 Studies have shown that learning a new dance is superior to  repetitive exercise in increasing neural connections.   

The most common dances are foxtrot and swing.  Tina also created American Slow Dance for popular slow songs for which there is no “standard ballroom dance,” so you just don’t sway back and forth.  Common Latin Dances are salsa, cha- cha, merengue, and rumba.  

Thanks for your help.   We all put our moves to work and had a ball!
Mimi and Terry

 Set up your personal training sessions at Athena House or location of your choice.  
(1 or 2 couples)  

Decades of Teaching, Directing, and Choreographing

Ballroom Freestyle   1
Ballroom Freestyle 3

 Dance-Based Fitness Programs

Cat Stretch

Stretch and Strengthen-Baby Boomer Fitness 

Both on the floor and standing, movements to strengthen your core and improve flexibility for functional fitness. Build a strong and pliable body in a relaxed atmosphere with creative movements that exercise your brain, too. Improve your posture and work on all joints from your neck down to your toes.  Use of hand-weights and other props.  No shoes.

Salsa Freestyle

Ballroom Freestyle   (no partners)

Come in your street clothes.  Dance routines to Latin and Ballroom music.  Learn the art of dance through technique, choreography, and musicality.

Ballroom Freestyle —a workout without a partner.