Athena House

Athena House Classes

Classes for youth and adults, meeting space, and a place in which to create and socialize.   

Tina will create a class for 3 or more people.

Get on the mailing list in case something is not listed on the website. 

Home-school parents:  Enroll your child in a current class or contact us to create a class for 3 or more students in art or a combination of language arts and art for ages 10+. Tina is a certified teacher with decades of teaching and curriculum design.  More resources can be found at TheHomeSchoolMom Homeschooling Resources

COVID issues: Classes held at Athena House that are offered through Westfield Washington Township, will follow the same protocols as WWT.  We take precautions and coordinate with students and parents so everyone is comfortable with the environment. 

Parents and caretakers:   You may wait in the entry room, on the porch, or in another sitting/tv room in the back.

Parking:   There is room for 7 cars–3 in a row in front, 2-3 in back, and 1 at the side of the garage. If you have a smaller car, feel free to pull into the garage if you see it open. There is no street parking.

Layout:  Small-size class in the community room, with the entry room used as a second “break-out” room. During warm weather, we can work in the back yard where tables are set up. There’s plenty of room outside for a “fitness break” or to eat lunch.

Fitness Classes:  Small groups. For floor exercises, you get a pillow with a clean pillowcase for your head.

Dance:  I can accommodate 1 to 3 couples for a dance class. For a “no-partner/solo” dance workout, consider joining Salsa/Latin Freestyle, a fun workout for your brain and body.      

Creative Socials:    Fun, social events that engage students in a creative project or interesting seminar with guest artists and speakers.    Get on the mailing list for announcements. 

The Art of Reading:  For youth.    Unique program that combines drawing, reading, and grammar. 

Art Classes for Youth:   Ages 8-18.    Variety of projects to exercise both sides of the brain.