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Happy Faces

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Stretch & Strengthen Baby Boomer Fitness

Cat Stretch

Both on the floor and standing, movements to strengthen your core and improve flexibility and balance for functional fitness.  When on the floor, you’ll get a pillow (with clean pillowcase) for your head.   Bring hand-weights or use ours.  Build a strong and pliable body in a relaxed atmosphere with controlled movements from head to toes.  For all skill levels.   No jumping or squatting.  No shoes, but wear socks.

Location: Athena House
Ongoing  Mondays 4:30-5:30


$9 per class.   New students:  Please contact Tina to confirm attendance 1 day prior. 

Pay in class 

Salsa Freestyle

Salsa Freestyle

Dance solo and learn Salsa/Latin patterns, techniques and turns that apply to partner dancing–for both men and women.  Creative combinations.  Small group.  Leave your ego at the door and have fun. Bring a clean pair of shoes.

Location: Athena House

Contact Tina to offer this class for your group.

Social Dance: 1 or 2 Couples


Foxtrot, Slow-Dance, Swing, Latin dance

Book a creative session as a “date night” or ongoing training for your brain and dance skills.  Even if you don’t go to a dance, it’s good mental and physical exercise.  You’ll learn practical social dances so you look natural on the floor.  Weekend slots available. Make it a date night; dance, then dine locally. 

Location: Athena House

Contact Tina for appointment

$50/1-hr session
$80 for 2 couples


Youth Art Classes

Art Supplies

Well-designed programs to round out your child’s education and enhance creative expression.

  • stress-free environment
  • activities that offer both “quiet time” and interaction
  • sense of accomplishment
  • learning new skills and knowledge

Parents, here’s a link to a survey for your input to better plan class offerings. 

Both after-school and homeschool classes
Age groups: While classes are geared toward a certain age group, there are some classes where the project is suited for all ages, with each student creating at his/her skill level.

Adult programs: We offer “creative socials” with various topics and taught by guest presenters. Also, classes are created as the need arises, so please get on the mailing list for updates. Contact Tina if you have a group interested in a particular activity.

Curriculum design and instruction: Tina Mangos has 40 years’ experience with a wide variety of educational settings–from youth to college age to seniors. She has two master’s degrees and an Indiana teaching license. Her lifelong purpose has been in creating courses in the arts, training teachers, choreographing for dance events, making art, and directing events. Tina’s method of “cross-training the brain” helps students develop both analytical and creative thinking through a logical yet fun process.

Parents, please contact Tina if you have any questions.

Customer Comments:

““I had so much fun in the class! We did projects I’ve never done and learned how to work with different elements. The teacher is so easy to talk to and great at teaching.”

Kendra Woodruff age 16

“I am so happy, Tina. I spoke with their mom yesterday and the kids LOVED the class!!”

Megan Contreras, YAP Westfield

“I loved the inclusion of advanced art vocabulary and concepts surrounding color and design theories. This class has not only reinforced concepts I have been teaching my children, but has given them language to discuss and critique art (their own and others). The class was affordable and a good length for us. ‘Miss Tina’ is friendly, patient, and encouraging.”

Homeschool Parent

“My girls love having Tina for art. All the classes they have taken with her have helped them grow in their art knowledge and skill. As a mom who values the arts, I appreciate that my kids have the opportunity to be taught by someone with such a depth of knowledge and teaching experience.”

Homeschool Parent

“She absolutely loves the class!! She talks about it all week. I love how much she enjoys your class.”

Homeschool parent of 8-year-old

wonderful class.  They both absolutely love it. I love how you have them progress to an awesome finished project.  Before coming to you, their art class (if you can call it that) was disappointing.  So happy we found you!”

Mom of 2 girls: 8 & 9 years old

“We love your class and all that you do for our children.  Please sign up Julianne for the next session.     We do love our girl and she sure does love you.   You have such a personal touch to everything you do.  It’s very appreciated.” 

Mom of 9-yr-old

“Thank you!! She loves your art class and the mobile now hangs in our dining room.”

Homeschool parent

“My daughters love your class.  I’m so pleased that you have so many years’ experience and I like the structure of your class.  You’re personable and you explain concepts like perspective, etc. in a way that’s easy to understand.  They’re learning a lot and the projects are so creative.   Thank you for providing all the art materials and still keeping the cost very affordable.”

Homeschool parent of 2 teens  

 Salsa Dance Workshop for NCL (7th-grade students and moms):

“This may be my favorite cultural event of all time!!!!!!!! I love this!!!!”


“We loved this so much! Thank you for such a memorable night with our daughters and our class of 2027”

Shelley Robinson



Summer Art Camps

Day Camp for Adults: See Creative Socials

Sew Creative

Ages 9+

he instruction is modified for any/age or skill level, so everyone makes creations they like. Hand sewing, drawing, and painting are combined into 2 or more projects of their choice. Sew with felt and paint on canvas with felt details. This improves both creativity and manual coordination.  Contact Tina with any questions or if your child is outside the age range.

Location:  Athena House
June 21,22,23  

$90  includes all materials
Register with Tina

Painting, Drawing, & Mixed Media

Ages 12-17

Create a multi-dimensional masterpiece combining drawing, painting, cardboard construction, and mixed media.  You’ll make a unique structure in a step-by-step process. From a cardboard house to a hanging mask and more. No previous skills needed and everyone works at their own level. The process includes skill building, problem solving, and creativity in a fun, engaging camp. Contact Tina with any questions.  Please note this is open to age 10, though it lists age 12 on the WWT website.

Location:  Athena House
June 27-30
9-12 noon

Summer Camps at Sullivan Munce Cultural Center in Zionsville

Register on their website


JULY 5-8 (4-day camp)
You’ll start with a mask and foam board, then use drawing, painting, mixed media, and assembly to create a unique composition. The process improves skill building, problem solving, and creativity in a fun, engaging camp. Everyone works at their own level. Think “outside the box” as you design your own theme that’s a ready-to-hang masterpiece. Lots of visuals.

Ages 12-17*      9 am – Noon (Monday – Friday)
                           snack provided
                           Instructor: Tina Mangos
                           $170/$195 (member/non-member)
*Campers younger than 12 years of age, please contact the instructor at


JULY 11-15
This camp combines drawing–using “old school” pen and ink–with watercolor washes. Begin by practicing with the pen and inkwell for various textures. Create your composition–a landscape or a theme of your choice–then paint with watercolor washes. Lots of visuals for ideas. The step-by-step process improves art skills and creativity. Everyone works at their own level. Your finished work will be matted and ready to hang, along with a couple of greeting cards.

Ages 12-17*      9 am – Noon (Monday – Friday)
                          snack provided
                          Instructor: Tina Mangos
                          $170/$195 (member/non-member)

*If younger than 12, please contact the instructor

After-School Art Escape: Painting, Drawing, & Mixed Media

Location: Athena House

Give your brain a boost of creative energy doing fun step-by-step projects. Materials and techniques vary and may include printmaking, oil pastels, painting, drawing, and cut paper. You’ll draw figures and perspective and create a mixed media composition that’s matted and ready to hang. Age-appropriate instruction. Stress-free environment. Fruit and snack provided, or you may bring your own. Please contact Tina if your child is outside the age range.

Classes will resume in September on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at 4:15

Homeschool Art classes at Westfield Washington Library


2 groups:   Ages 8-11 and 12-18

Please contact Tina for more info.

Students will improve manual coordination and creative expression. They’ll use a variety of materials in well-designed step-by-step projects. By age 8, students can learn perspective, figure drawing, proportion, color theory, composition, and all the necessary skills to develop their creative brains. Instruction is adapted to each student’s learning style and skill level. It’s a stress-free environment with both individual focus and sharing of ideas. All materials are provided.

Location: Westfield Washington Public Library

Registration with Westfield Washington Library

Thursdays starting late September.



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