Please help me plan for the Winter Session 2022 (and Dec ’21).

    Are you interested in Art Classes?
    Are you interested in The Art of Reading?
    (unique program combining reading, drawing, grammar, and writing)
    Are you interested in a Winter Break art camp, Dec 28,29, 1:30-4:30?

    Preferred days/Time range (start/end times):
    Tuesday afternoon

    Wednesday afternoon

    Friday afternoon

    Saturday afternoon

    For Homeschool high school students 13-18:
    Are you interested?
    “Art and Culture/Studio Art”
    5-8 weeks Wednesdays
    1:30-3:30 (you may come after 12:30 and bring your lunch if you want)
    A. Studio/traditional art--oil pastels, drawing, painting, perspective, figure drawing, etc.
    B Study of art history, geography, inventions