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Brian Childress, Rotary International

“I was in your “Art of Language” class, and I loved it!  Not only did I have a darn good time, but I really feel that I learned how to significantly improve my writing.” 

Jan Lollini, Manager, Employee Relations

“Tina offered our employees a basic, understandable, and extremely practical seminar on business English.  I would highly recommend Tina; she’s knowledgeable, affable, and professional.” 

Morgan Gallagher, Assistant Principal

“Her work ethic and talents result in many hours spent outside the regular school day as evidenced by her management and success of the annual student art show and her annual Sr Prom Fashion and Variety show.  Tina sets the bar for professionalism and student-centered instruction” 

Mercedes Ambrocio, high school student

“You are one amazing teacher and you have a kind heart. Thank you so much for doing your job, and especially for encouraging me to do my best and entering my work in the art show.  I’ll miss you Mrs. Mangos.   Good luck on your retirement.  Lots of love” 

Sophie, age 13, Indianapolis

“I really liked this embroidery class.  It was challenging and I love pushing myself to the limits.  It was more work than I had planned, but it’s definitely worth it.  I’d like to come back again.”

Amber Nunes, parent, Zionsville

“My son and I both give you ‘5 out of 5 stars!’ You were incredibly patient and kind with the kids in your class. Your directions were clear and easy to follow and your passion for the project brought the best out of Luca and your other students. We would definitely recommend this class for other kids!”

Patrick J. Levar, Alderman, 45th Ward, Chicago

“I have known Tina Mangos for over 20 years.  She has had an impressive and consistent track record serving the community through her dance programs at several Chicago Park locations.  Tina Mangos Dance has been an asset to our ward, serving children, adults, and seniors. She is  a responsible, creative professional who is very involved in civic programs through the local Chamber of Commerce, the Chicago Sister Cities International Program/Athens Committee, SummerDance, Navy Pier, community fundraisers, and other public events……….”.

Stephanie Denson, Indianapolis

“Working with Tina was great!…..she quickly taught us new steps we could easily add to our repertoire. Classes were lighthearted and fun. We recommend her!”